What we do

We are your partner for Underwater Operations.

At Seafolk, we lead the way in delivering cutting-edge underwater services, setting benchmarks in quality and reliability. As a premier diving services company, our expertise is sought after by civil engineering and construction contractors, oil companies, shipping industries, and government departments, spanning the marine, oil & gas sectors in the Middle East & India region.

Quality, Skilled & Experienced Divers

At Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services, our commitment to excellence is more than a principle; it's a way of life for our divers. Rigorous training and unwavering adherence to the highest industry standards define our approach, ensuring that each dive is a testament to precision and expertise.

Protecting our oceans and their surrounding environments

Beyond being skilled professionals, our divers embody the spirit of guardianship for our oceans. We recognize the delicate balance that exists beneath the waves and strive to execute our services with the utmost respect for marine ecosystems. Whether it's pipeline inspections, hull cleaning, or other underwater tasks, our divers operate with a sustainable approach, minimizing our impact and contributing to the preservation of our precious underwater environments.

Our Clients

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