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Achieve greatness with Seafolk. With a focus on inshore diving, we are proficient in power plant pipeline work and desalination


At Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services, we are your trusted partner in delivering exceptional solutions for various pipeline-related tasks. From installation to inspection, we specialise in providing comprehensive services that ensure the seamless operation of pipelines, particularly in critical environments such as power plants and desalination plants.

Our Pipeline Services Include:

Power Plant Intakes and Outlets - New Pipeline Installation:

We specialise in the meticulous installation of new pipelines that play a crucial role in transporting water to and from power plants. Our expertise facilitates the efficient intake and discharge of water essential for power generation processes. Plugging and abandoning existing pipelines includes sealing off the pipeline to prevent any fluid or substance from flowing through it.

Pipeline Burial

Protecting pipelines from environmental factors and potential damage, our burial services involve strategically placing pipelines under the seabed or riverbed. This ensures their longevity and optimal functionality by protecting them from environmental factors and potential damage, often done in underwater environments.

RO plant intake pipeline internal cleaning

Precision is our hallmark when it comes to cleaning the interior of pipelines associated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. This is critical for maintaining the efficiency of water desalination and purification processes.

Intake Screen and Filter Maintenance, Refurbishment, Replacement, and Installation:

We specialise in the upkeep of intake screens and filters, essential components in preventing debris and contaminants from entering pipelines, particularly in water intake systems. Our services encompass maintenance, refurbishment, replacement, and installation.

U/W Interior Cleaning of Desalination Pipe:

Get benefits of our underwater cleaning services designed especially for desalination pipe interiors and dive into perfection. Desalination pipes are used in the process of removing salt and other impurities from seawater to produce freshwater. Maintaining the cleanliness of these pipes is pivotal for freshwater production from seawater.

Assessment of Desalination Plant Refurbishment and Upgrading:

Our expert assessments evaluate the condition of desalination plants, determining the necessity for refurbishment or upgrades. We aim to enhance efficiency and functionality for sustainable freshwater production.

Underwater Pipeline Inspection, Photography & Videography:

Our comprehensive inspection services conduct inspections of underwater pipelines using visual methods such as photography and videography. This helps us to assess the condition of the pipeline, identify any damage or corrosion, and plan for necessary repairs or maintenance.

These tasks are crucial for ensuring the integrity and functionality of pipelines, particularly in applications related to power plants, desalination plants, and other underwater environments.

At Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services, we redefine excellence in pipeline work.

Salvage and Underwater Construction Excellence

At Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services, we pride ourselves on being a versatile commercial diving company capable of undertaking a wide spectrum of underwater projects. From large-scale salvage and recovery efforts to meticulous port and jetty construction work, we bring expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and a commitment to excellence to every underwater endeavour.

Salvage Services:

Our capabilities in salvage work are unmatched, encompassing diverse projects ranging from large-scale recovery efforts to pontoon maintenance and locating lost items. We specialise in mooring inspections, maintenance, surveys, and reports, catering to the needs of both large corporations and individual private contractors.

Equipped with an extensive array of salvage gear, including pumps, lift-bags, cutting gear, patching equipment, and various tools, we stand ready to mobilise swiftly in emergencies through our genuine 24-hour callout procedure.


Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services takes pride in contributing to the development of robust and resilient maritime infrastructure. Our expertise in port and jetty construction work is evident in the following specialised services:

1. Underwater Concrete Block & Rock Armor Placing for Breakwater/Jetty Construction:

We expertly place concrete blocks and rock armor underwater to fortify breakwaters and jetties. This provides crucial stability and protection against the relentless force of waves.

2. Seabed Levelling and Underwater Grouting Work:

Our skilled teams level the seabed and execute precise grouting work beneath the water's surface. Grouting involves injecting a fluid-like material into the ground to strengthen the soil or fill voids.

3. Underwater GeoTextile Installation:

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics used to improve soil stability, drainage, and filtration in civil engineering and construction projects. We install geotextile fabric underwater, enhancing soil stability, drainage, and filtration in civil engineering and construction projects. This meticulous installation contributes to the longevity and efficiency of maritime structures.

4. Underwater Control Blasting:

Utilising controlled blasting techniques underwater, we facilitate rock removal and seabed alterations, supporting the construction of underwater structures with precision and safety.

5. Underwater Broco Cutting & Welding Works:

Our expert divers perform cutting and welding operations using advanced Broco equipment underwater. This includes tasks such as cutting through materials or welding components in challenging underwater environments.

6. U/W Old Sheet Pile Cutting & Welding:

Seafolk excels in underwater cutting and welding specifically tailored to old sheet piles, commonly used as retaining walls in construction projects. Our expertise ensures effective repairs or modifications with minimal disruption.

7. Dredging Work:

We specialise in the meticulous removal of sediment, debris, and other materials from water bodies, ensuring the creation and maintenance of navigable pathways for ships.

8. Third Party Inspection Survey & Reporting:

Committed to the highest standards of safety and compliance, we conduct third-party inspections of construction activities. The results are documented and reported, providing transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations.

9. Underwater Videography & Photography:

Our advanced underwater videography and photography services capture visual documentation of construction activities. This essential documentation supports inspections, progress tracking, and comprehensive project documentation.These activities contribute to the successful completion and safety of underwater construction projects.

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